Bridal: Versari Ade (Kak Dee)
Decor: Misyaz Bridal & Weddings
Mini in-house dais: Ribbons & Ties
Henna: Nittra-Henna Definition
Videographer: Orangefill
Photographer: 2 of my photographer uncles
Catering & berkats: My parent’s contacts
Gift trays/hand bouquet/sireh dara/bunga rampai: DIY by Aunt M
Invitation: DIY & printing myself
Entertainment: My parent’s contacts

Omitting from the wedding: Wedding cake and photobooth

As you can see, I’m very lepak one! Hahaha.. Or rather I am blessed with aunts and uncles who can do wedding cakes, gubahan and photography and who has lots of contacts/friends so they know where to get good food at cheap prices. 🙂


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