Baby steps

25 September 2014: Applied for BTO at Buangkok
4 November 2014: BTO results out! (Queue #13)
13 November 2014: Received HDB appointment letter in the mail
26 November 2014: Booked/selected our unit
8 January 2015: Received letter from HDB informing us that application for the AHG/SHG is being processed and we will be informed of the outcome in about 6 weeks.
21 January 2015: AHG/SHG results out! We are granted $50,000 grant in total. Alhamdulillah!
25 March 2015: Signing of Agreement for Lease!

10 December 2014: Engagement and wedding rings bought from Love & Co. 💍💎
16 January 2015: Versari Ade (bridal) booked
8 February 2015: Engagement
16 March 2015: Orangefill (videography) booked
3 April 2015: Misyaz Bridal & Weddings (decor) booked
28 April 2015: Ribbons & Ties (mini in-house dais) booked


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