All About Sarah Nur Leia

Read my birth story here: Birth Story of my Princess Leia

My name is Sarah Nur Leia and my mommy is gonna put in all my milestones here!

4 August 2017: Mommy’s gynae scanned me one last time and even gave her a picture of my cute little fingers!
5 August 2017: I was born at 3.26pm with birth weight of 2.39kg!
7 August 2017: I came home after an uneventful stay at the hospital!
10 August 2017: I was diagnosed with jaundice with levels high enough for the need to do Photo Therapy. Mommy & daddy rented the equipment instead so I didn’t have to stay in the hospital. I was beside mommy & daddy the entire time! 🙂
12 August 2017: I had my tahnik & cukur rambut done on the 7th day at Nani Long’s house.
23 August 2017: I still have very mild jaundice. However, my PD wasn’t too worried and so I was finally cleared from seeing her after numerous visits for the blood test & review.
30 August 2017: I had my first car ride in the baby seat alone at the backseat to fetch daddy from work.
1 September 2017: I celebrated my first Hari Raya Haji!
3 September 2017: My mommy & daddy took me out for jalan-jalan for the first time because mommy wanted to eat out and drink her favourite Pure Iced Double Chocolate from CBTL. Luckily for them, I slept throughout the entire outing! 😛