Hello Yupi! Yes, that’s what the husband decided to call our little fetus – Yupi. You’re exactly 26 weeks old (that’s 6.5 months) now and looking strong. Hopefully, you will remain strong and grow healthily over the next 2-3 months.

I still can’t believe I am at where I am now. I mean, I’ve always said that I wanna try for a baby immediately after getting married and not wait – let nature takes its course. And nature did take its course – almost too soon. I was not too shock as we were on our honeymoon at my most fertile period. But I did have my reservations and not put too high hopes because God is all Planners, not us.

How I Found Out

A few days after we got back from my honeymoon, I experienced this excruciating lower back/joint pain – one I’ve never felt ever before. It suddenly started after lunch at work, very mild pain initially. It hurts with every turn & bend I made, but still bearable. It got worse that night to the point that I even needed help to turn around or sit up in bed. It continued hurting so damn much the day after – can’t even bend down or sit. Standing while doing my job was the only solution at that point. That pain slowly subsided 2 days later to just a very very mild lower back ache. At this point, my period was due about a week later. I also experienced some breast tenderness which is the only symptom I have before my period begins so at that point of time, it could be either way.

I tested that Sunday itself but obviously it was negative as it’s still way early. I waited till a day before I normally got my period to test again – this time, with my morning pee (3am to be exact – when I woke up in the middle of the night wanting to pee) and saw a faint line. Like all forums I’ve read, a faint positive is still a positive.

Upon reaching work, I told my colleague to draw my blood to we could do a blood HCG test. Got the results about an hour later, after I woke up from my lunch nap. Results – Not pregnant. I had a look again at the result paper about 30 mins later when I was much more awake (because I kinda don’t believe my results) and realised that HEY I READ THE RESULTS WRONGLY! MY HCG LEVEL WAS AT 103.2 miU/ml!

Initially, when I first read the results, my eyes immediately went to the “Not pregnant/menopausal: less than 5 miU/ml” instead of my actual results. So people, never try to read your results after you wake up from a nap or sleep.

And so over the next few days, I kept doing the urine test because I don’t believe I’m pregnant yet. So by doing this, it gave me assurance lah in a way.

Yup, so that’s how I found out I am pregnant! Revealed to our families a few days after because the husband was so eager, despite it being in the early stages.


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