Honeymoon Destination!

One fine day with no plans, aimlessly walking around Marina Square when the fiance suggested that we chill at Starbucks to research for our honeymoon. Maldives, Krabi, Bali, Iran and various parts of Europe were being discussed. Left the place with no decision, although I know I want it to be in a cold-weather country.

Luckily that night, my tangan very gatal so I went to check the air tickets on all the different individual airlines’ website and saw that Qatar was having their yearly promotion ending the following day. Qatar Airways eh! Currently the #1 airline in the world. I’ve been on SIA and Emirates so it’s about time to fly with Qatar! So I informed the fiance and immediately bought the tickets to Zurich, without even realising that it was during the low in-between season. Sure, some places might be close but after much research, it’s not that bad actually. Lesser tourist also and I can still go snowboarding!!!

Recently, we (mostly me) have started planning our 11D10N honeymoon trip – which cities to go, what to do at each city, etc etc. The first thing was to settle our accommodation. Hotels aren’t cheap in Swiss eh! I mean, there are cheap ones but mostly are backpackers hostels and inns with shared bathroom and common facilities or the interior just doesn’t make me feel that it was worth the price. I personally do not want that for my honeymoon so we chose to go for a cheaper option via Airbnb (plus, I want to have a kitchenette so I can easily “cook” my Halal food since Halal food is rather costly there as well)

I used Airbnb for my Japan trip and my experiences were great. I have no worries for safety at all. The ones you read on FB are of course, isolated cases. You can’t judge everything based on a few bad apples, right? But of course, look for those with good reviews lah.

Anyways, he set a budget of $300/night for the cross-city accommodation. But I managed to find places far cheaper than that! As much as I wanna say cheap, we still spent about $1700 in total tho. But okay lah kan for 11D10N for 2 pax in one of Europe’s most expensive country. Gotta find good bargains where I can, with the house coming and all.

As he left the decision entirely up to me (yay!), I have my own criteria:

  • Entire home/apartment
  • Close to the main train station
  • FREE WIFI (ni penting eh!)
  • Interior must not look too old school or lackluster; I love modern-looking, clean and simple looking ones
  • Feels as cozy as possible
  • Spacious
  • Toilet, if possible, to feel semi-hotel like
  • Essentials available
  • More or less around S$200/night

So with all that in mind, I found these places:























Everything booked way ahead of time so I don’t need to scramble and worry closer to the wedding. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a place suited to my liking and budget at Airbnb for my stay at Interlaken so I just booked directly via the hotel website, just opposite the Interlaken-West train station – a very basic, no-frills type of accommodation, no kitchenette. But thankfully, from what my aunt has told me, Interlaken-West is filled with plenty of halal dining options, with a supermarket close by as well, so all’s good! I will be checking Airbnb from time to time to see if new listings opened up. That’s how I snagged the Zermatt accommodation; the host has other listings which I’ve seen (doesn’t feel as cozy with meh-looking toilets) but that particular chosen one wasn’t listed at the time of search – it was only listed about a week after! Apa lagi, book ah!

So that sums up the first part of my honeymoon research!


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