Continuation: Riding 101 by Chilli Padi

I’ve blogged about my Practical 1 to 5 sessions HERE and HERE (scroll to the end) so now, I shall continue on with the rest because it’s another chill at home Sunday so let me enjoy this precious moment before my weekends are taken away come November when I need to start working on weekends, which is another whole different story altogether.


Practical 6
1st lesson  (5 Oct 2015)
I managed to get a slot 2 days after I passed my Prac 5. This is the first road lesson so obviously I was excited to go on the road finally! There was a lot to remember, in terms of lane discipline and correct positioning. The riding part is straight forward ah, it’s just that you need to remember to check back correctly. For sharing lanes (with 2 arrows), you need to stop in 1 line whereas if it is a single arrow lane, you need to stop in 2s (left-right or right-left configuration). It was too much to remember because in the midst of trying to juggle the traffic and your riding, you also need to remember this stupid redundant thing. The ENTIRE class didn’t follow the correct positioning and just lined up in 1 single line for all the arrows. HAHAHAHA. Gone case this class, really. LOL. If I am not wrong, all of us were told to come back. But riding that night was actually very breezy and cooling. More like a bike tour around the industrial area.
Result – FAILED

2nd lesson (8 Oct 2015)
This time, I managed to be first in the line so if I forget where to check back, I basically followed what the instructor in front do. Play cheat hor! But I use that to double confirm my actions. This was a straightforward lesson and so I passed and so did my entire class, if I’m not wrong.
Result – PASSED

Riding Theory Test (10 Oct 2015)
I came back to CDC 2 days later on a Saturday to sit for my RTT instead of the usual practical lessons. I booked 2 back-to-back sessions of the E-Trial test right before my RTT and it proved to be a great help! I managed to complete all 10 sample papers within that 2 sessions. I literally breezed through my RTT and was out within 5 mins from the commencement of the test, I’m not kidding. I scored a 49/50 and I have no clue which question I got wrong. But who cares! I passed!
RTT Result Slip

Just a reminder, your E-Trial sessions are on the 3rd floor whereas your RTT is on the 2nd floor. So take note of that! Me and a few other people went to the same room as the E-Trial sessions and got scowled at by the old guy. Out of the 4 times I’ve seen him, he was grouchy for all those 4 times and they were in different times of the day! First time I saw him was in the afternoon and at night, so I closed one eye and thought to myself that he might be tired after a long day. BUUTT, the morning of my RTT, when I came in for the first E-Trial session at 8.30am, he was also grouchy and so I concluded that he is just overall a grouchy old guy. HAHAHA..
Result – PASSED

Practical 7
1st lesson (17 Oct 2015)
You will learn how to do a U-Turn on both test routes 1 and 2. We were brought along to test route 1, head back to CDC and then head out again for test route 2 before going back to CDC again. After which, you will randomly be given test route 1 or 2 for your evaluation. I was given test route 1 with 2 other riders who were first timers for this lesson as well. I was the 2nd rider in this group. So I basically just followed the rider who was leading in front. Thankfully, he did not mess up so it was overall an easy ride so all 3 of us first timers passed! 🙂
Note: Personally, I feel that test route 1 is much more easier than test route 2 because route 2 has the give way bus lane thing as well as a red light camera and you will come across a much more busier and bigger junction than test route 1.
Result – PASSED

My last final assessment aka Practical 8 is set for 31 October which was the next available slot. I’ve also booked Road Revision and Circuit Revision slots on the same day as my fiancé, a few days before, so we can go ride along together for his preparation of his TP the following day & my Prac 8 that Saturday. Oh how sweet…. NOT! HAHA.. So that’s a 2 week break so hopefully, I don’t accumulate more than 18 points for this last practical so I can book my TP already. It’s finally coming to an end! So that makes it 3 months (1st practical ever on 2 August and hopefully my last practical ever on 31 October).


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    • Nice to see ur blog again – after LJ days! And now, with Naura by your side, congrats mummy! 🙂 I am fine, Alhamdulillah. Living life as how it should be, I guess? Haha.. 🙂

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