Mochi moshi!

Anyone have any idea if Beard Papa’s Mochi Creamery is still available in SG? Craving badly for their awesome mochi ice cream! They used to have it at Bugis & Takashimaya and I used to splurge like mad on these babies (mind you it cost $2/pc) when I was working at Taka. If I am tight on cash, 1 piece also jadi lah but if I am feeling generous to myself, I would buy 6 at one go! I LOVE the Asuki Bean flavour and would sometimes get the Vanilla as well! So if anyone has any idea if it has been closed down or if it is somewhere hidden here in Singapore, please please tell me! Desperate cry for help, this BTB is!



That aside, planning for the wedding has been smooth sailing so far. Parents decided to engage Misyaz Bridal and Weddings for the decor and deposit was made just now at Expo during the wedding fair. Whatever I see being displayed, I told the kakak that I want exactly like that because that colour combination has been what I dreamt about since poly years! And and and best sekali, FOC chiavari chairs were thrown in for the expo promo so apa lagi, terus book ah! Most importantly, my parents felt comfortable talking to them and price is definitely within our budget (inclusive of the additional tables, buffet line and wall wraps because mine is a 1500pax event). The picture below was taken at the wedding fair just now.


As for the nikah makeup, after talking to my mum, she just advised me to just take Versari’s. So we added on another set of baju (so now it’s 3 set of bajus) and will pay for the extra hours for Saturday and that’s that. This also means that I don’t have to fork out money to buy kain for nikah for my mum to jahit. Downside is that I don’t get to have a baju nikah for keepsakes but issokay because I already have lots of baju keepsakes from the hari rayas already. Come to think about it, I have never worn a ready made baju raya ever in my life. My mum have been sewing them for me eversince I could remember!

Also, deposit for the videography has also been made! Super chillax discussion with Nazrin (should call you Abg Nazrin hor? Hahahha..) from Orangefill the other day. I actually got to know about him when I stumbled across his WordPress. I have no idea how I got there even. Haha.. Now I don’t know how to go about answering his questionnaire because kalau nak tulis, boleh macam karangan eh nanti! Heh heh heh.

So major stuffs have been booked. Now tgh chillax save duit aje. Time will pass by fast. Tau tau nanti dah next year eh. Ok, dah kene stop berbual macam makcik makcik. Byeee!!


[Edit: 6 Apil 2015 @ 1943hr]
I found a different mochi ice cream. It’s Lotte’s mini Yukimi Daifuku. $10/box of 9 mochi balls.

lotte-yukumi-daifukuΒ Lotte-yukimi-daifuku-package
And I found a tutorial on Youtube on how to make your own mochi ice cream! And the videoblogger so pretty lah! Can’t stop admiring her looks and hair. HAHA..


6 thoughts on “Mochi moshi!

    • Hahahha.. I give my mother a break lah. Nak prep for the other things also, so now one less thing for her to prep. πŸ™‚

    • It’s definitely not muachi (I actually had to google to find out what’s that to double confirm lol). Yes, very very fast! Can’t wait till it’s over and back to the life of shopping!

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