I’ve always liked doodling since schooling days. My doodles may not be as fantastic as others; I’ve seen those with absolutely stunning and nice doodles, really. For me, I doodled purely out of boredom during classes and lectures because I wasn’t interested (hahahahha!). Anyways, these doodles translated to henna doodling on myself and a few of my willing friends (thank you banyak-banyak).

Sooo, I *finally* dared to volunteer myself to do bridal henna for the very first time for one of my friends, Raodah! She wanted a simple fuss-free clean looking design so I hunted for simple designs, getting inspirations for pro henna artists on Instagram.


She decided on designs from Ekasya and AdornedSG (I bought the henna cones from Isabella Heaven Henna) and well, I try to replicate as close to the designs as I can. These simple designs alone took this amateur person 2.5hours. Had headaches by the end of the session. Lol! There are still a lot to learn and well, I need more time to try to be as good as these professionals. I can’t imagine how hard and tiring it must be to do the more intricate and complicated designs. Salute them, really!

The word doodle doesn’t make any sense now by the end of this entry. LOL.


[Edit on 29 March 2015, Sunday]
Rao's HennaClose up of the henna on Saturday! Picture credit to Pixelmuse Photography!


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