Signing of Agreement for Lease

How long does it take after the approval of your AHG/SHG before HDB inform you of your 2nd appointment (signing of the agreement for lease)? I’ve been waiting for a slightly over month now and I’ve read on forums plus people have told me that it usually takes a couple of weeks or so after the approval of AHG/SHG for the date of the 2nd appointment to be out. Anyhoos, below is the timeline..

1st HDB appointment (booking of unit): 26 November 2014
HLE approval: 9 December 2014
AHG/SHG approval: 21 January 2015

As of now, still no news. Should I get worried or should I not be kiasu and just wait it out?

I’ve emailed HDB to enquire the status late yesterday afternoon so I will only get the reply the following week.


8 thoughts on “Signing of Agreement for Lease

  1. Assalamualaikum case to case basis but usually takes 4mths. Don’t worry dear insha allah yours will goes as smooth sailing since da select unit. Hang on I know how eggcited you are =) So am I hehe.

  2. If you have given the full sets of docs, appt will be appx 3mths after your first. But if there’s some missing docs, the 2nd appt will Takes abit longer. No worries la. Hehe. πŸ˜‰
    Mine will be:
    First Appt: 23.09.14
    Second Appt: 21.12.14

  3. mine was about 3-4 months.. selected on 30 Apr and signed on 8 Sep. I was in no hurry to sign agreement of lease, cos it lets me collect more money in my CPF account so that I don’t have to top up with cash. hope your date will be assigned soon!

    • If that’s the case, then looks like I don’t have to worry cause I get info from others that it would be earlier than the wait you took which is why I got worries. But looks like all’s good! Worry for nothing! Phew! Oh, I am not in a rush also! And thank you!

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