The One With The Engagement

EngagementEngagementIf you like it then you should put a ring on it!

Engagement RingThis was supposed to be the mas kawin but we switched it with the other solitaire ring instead
so I’ll have to wait a bit more for the big bling bling!

EngagementWith the youngest brother!

EngagementSyiok sendiri moment 1!

EngagementSyiok sendiri moment 2!

EngagementCantik right the make-up!


So 8 February 2015 came and went away too soon. Now, dah naik pangkat jadi fiancee orang! The lovely make-up was done by Wanie, a fellow BTB as well! The very last photo I kapuk from her blog entry, btw! Hehe..

Anyways, nothing much to explain on the day itself. Everything (except for make-up) was settled by my parents and other family members so I didn’t have to plan anything (nor come out any money nor get stressed about it!). The initial plan for a small engagement turned out to be a big one instead (which I got to know only a few days before) but I’m fine with it lah. They are my close relatives anyways! 🙂

So for now, I shall just continue to save money for the wedding which is set for early November next year and enjoy the moments leading to it. I vow not to get stressed about anything because well, I’m a bochap-sembarang-also-can person so I don’t think I’m gonna be particular much, well, except for bridal/make-up that is! 🙂


25 thoughts on “The One With The Engagement

  1. Congrats babe!!! U look young despite the makeup n tts a compliment!!! gd job wanie !! Sometimes some makeup nampak too overly matured eh.. May Allah bless ur journey towards the planning!! ;))

    • I don’t even look like my age sans make-up! People still think I’m like 20 or something. Padahal, padahal! Hahhaha…! Thank you, babe! Amin.. 😊😄

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