Why, KAJ, why?

And so…..


Part bila aku nak book, tak boleh! Kauuuuu! Looks like I need to look for other alternatives that has similar style to KAJ! 😟


12 thoughts on “Why, KAJ, why?

  1. Hey my fiance went through same as you tak dapat vendor KAJ. Perhaps you can look at loftydecortes , comel molek , anggun or vynellaevents. Good luck dear in planning 😊 I hope this helps.

    • Thank you so much for that list! I really really appreciate it! πŸ˜€ I will research and get quotations for all of those vendors! Hehhe..

  2. I waited sooooooo very long for KAJ you know! Coz I DIE DIE nak dorang for decor and then when I kept checking back with them a couple of times, they told me that they have yet to released their pricing. I mean most of the vendors by now da released packages for 2016. And we don’t wanna be at risk of not being able to secure the decor we wanted just coz dorang lambat. But so sad seyy.. I really love their works!!

  3. I msged them last year and only got a reply this year…So sad also! Why not you take a look at Comel Molek also..quite nice! And affordable..i engaged them and Uncle Lan is really nice guy…

  4. Hi! My husband used KAJ and they weren’t rly prompt on their replies. They were quite late in setting up too. But yes, their decor is lovely. Just speaking from experience πŸ™‚

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