Unit Selection!


My estate is the last to start the selection (other projects started today!) but Alhamdulillah for the quick date given. So, it’s exactly 2 more weeks before we come out $2000! N will be serving his reservist then so just hope he will get to take some time off for this selection. I don’t want to go alone eh please!

Update: N managed to switch shift with his colleague so he will be going with me then go to work! Yayness! :)))


4 thoughts on “Unit Selection!

    • Ahhh… What if he can’t be there? I read somewhere that someone can sign in his behalf eh or did I read the wrong thing? Hmmm

      • Eh not too sure about that but one thing for sure lots of documents for both people to sign. Maybe you can call up HDB and ask instead! Takut nanti on the day of appointment pergi alone (or with someone else and not him) then HDB taknak proceed.

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