Took such a long long hiatus! So many things happened since my last update in April – a good 5 months back.

One of them being dining thrice at the new halal hotel buffet, 21 on Rajah; once in May, once in June and once in July. I swear to never go back there until next year. Not that the food wasn’t good ah. I remember the steak being super mega delicious. Plus NTUC members get a 15% off!

21 On Rajah 21 On Rajah (June) 21 On Rajah (July)

I also had my first mini birthday surprise celebration with friends (plus boyfriend). Instead of a cake, we had B&J’s ice cream and boyfriend got me my first guitar! I totally did not see this surprise coming. It was indeed a sweeeeeet surprise! Thanks guys! ❀

Celebrated our first anniversary in August and we gave each other hand-made gifts! He gave me the coolest gift I’ve ever received! πŸ™‚


And this is my gift to him! A desktop calendar. πŸ™‚

And here we are in September and I feel like I need to go on a holiday, pronto! Can 2015 come faster so I’ll be closer to forever and more with boyfriend? :))


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