Birth Story of my Princess Leia

On Picking A Specific Date

There was no surprise birth for her as I chose to induce on a certain date. Our initial plan was to go for a National Day baby but I was told that there would be extra surcharge for that, so we scrapped that date and decided on 5 August instead which is 6 days before her EDD of 11 August. Why the 5th? Only 2 reasons – it falls on a weekend & 5th is also the “date” that we had our nikah (5th Nov). Many were questioning us (well, me mainly) because we chose to be induced without much valid reason but I’m the sort that do not like to wait around wondering when I will go into labour. I mean, my baby was on the smaller side and not big so I personally felt that giving birth “earlier” means I could push out a smaller baby since I’m petite & small. I did not wanna take the risk of having a bigger baby which I eventually can’t push out – meaning going for an emergency c-sect. I mean to each his/her own, kan? 😛

Last Minute Preps

So that eve of the 5th, I had my gynae appointment. The baby measured at 2.6kg which seemed like a reasonable weight for me. I told her about my plan to be induced the following day and she was fine with it – provided my cervix was ready. So she did a check on me and told me I was only 1cm dilated but I was good to go if I wanted to. So yay for that! We were told to come in at midnight for admission! This came as a surprise to me as I thought I could just come in like maybe at like 7am on the 5th. I haven’t even assemble the baby cot yet & we had other plans after that appointment that would take up our time till like 7pm plus that day! But all’s well though – managed to run our errands & rushed home to quickly prep for everything that is needed to bring to the hospital and last minute prepping of the room to welcome our princess.

The Admission

We left home at 11.45pm and got my brother to send us to the hospital. I’m really glad that I picked Parkway East Hospital seh. So darn near to my house – 5 to 7 minutes ride away only! 😂 So admission was quick & straightforward as we’ve done our pre-registration about a month earlier. We were brought up to the labour ward straight for the whole thing to get started! I was anxious excited at that point; orang gila aje yang excited eh to give birth! And that orang gila is me! Anyways, changed into their gown and shortly after, they inserted a pessary to get my contraction started. It needs 4-6hrs before it takes effect so after that, they told us to get some sleep to wait it out. I, of course, had the bed all to myself while the husband had the what-looks-like-a-comfy-chair-for-me. He said it was so darn uncomfortable so he tried sleeping on the floor instead. Suka hati kau lah eh. I managed to sleep for about 4hrs or so while poor husband only managed to sleep at like 4am.

The Start of the Contractions

I was woken up at about 5.30am for an enema so that I won’t shit when I am pushing the baby out. Felt a sharp pain as whatever that was inserted entered my behind. Never wanna feel that again seh! So shortly after I was done relieving myself, I was given IV Pitocin to start contractions. I was still at 1cm at this moment. Fast foward to an hour later, at 7am, I began to feel some kind of a cramp every now and then, like I wanna shit big time but that feeling haven’t pass and you still haven’t shit. Note that I’ve never had menstrual cramps in my life ever and I’ve been told that it feels like one when you start having contractions. So I figured this might be the contractions lah. Somewhere at around 9am, my gynae, Dr Heng paid a visit to see how dilated I was and to break my waterbag. She said was still at 1cm and that after she broke the waterbag (immediately felt “relieved” as I felt the water flow out – it was warm!), it would help accelerate things – which I am all in for! She also did something like turning the baby to 1 side or something (I can’t remember what amidst all the pain). I managed to have my breakfast too although it took me triple the time to finish off my chicken porridge, 2 slices of bread and a small cup of hot milo. Everytime the pain comes, I had to pause my eating before continuing to eat.

THE Laughing Gas & IV meds

I managed to tahan the pain all the way till 9.45am when my contractions were 2 mins apart & the nurse asked if I wanna start the first line of my pain-relief option – the laughing gas since it’s paid for & part of the package anyway. I said ok cause I reeeeeeally wanted to see if I will feel high after inhaling the gas. Yeah, my priorities were all so screwed up. 😂😂 So I used it and indeed I felt like I was up in the clouds floating about, yet awake enough to know what’s happening! I did remember asking the husband some stupid random questions though but nothing embarrassing – I think. 😂 The husband decided to time my contractions again at around 10.30am & saw that it was already 1.5mins apart. I was already closing my eyes throughout to bear with the pain while inhaling the gas. I do feel relieve after inhaling but at this point, I was already darn sleepy and tired. Everytime I wanna sleep, the surge comes so I need to inhale again. I didn’t know if I could keep it up because my goal was to go to sleep to hopefully sleep it off. Kept telling the husband that I wanted the next line of pain relief – the IV meds – but he told me to tahan so ok lah I tahan all the way till about 11.30am where I told him I can’t take it anymore. Then he gave the green light so I got my IV meds in hope to feel relieved and relax. Prior to giving the meds via IV, the nurse checked me again and I was still at 1cm dilated only. About 30 mins later, ard 12.30pm, the meds did NOT have any effect on me!! So I immediately semi-begged the husband for an epidural to which he said to just do whatever necessary for me, since he saw what a great deal of pain I was in. 😂😂

The Epidural

The anaesthetist came shortly after. Of course, risks needed to be explained and forms needed to be signed. I was all ready to sign it off when the husband decided to ask 101 questions. I was already like “give me the darn paper to sign already cannnnn”! So after I signed the paper, the husband was asked to wait outside while the whole procedure was being conducted. I curled up as much as I could as per instructed and then he inserted the needle. Truth to be told, I felt that the hand IV plug inserted was more painful eh. I didn’t feel much, not sure if it’s the after effects of the laughing gas or the IV meds but I would say that there was hardly any pain for the epidural, for me at least. By the time it was completed, it was already about 1.30pm. Dr Heng came shortly after to check on me again. I was at 3cm dilated & was told that I probably had some time to go. So I managed to spend my time watching TV after that in absolutely no pain at all – I never felt happier. Lol.

THE Final Part of the Labour

Around 2.45pm, I called for the nurse to get my lunch cause I was darn hungry so I thought that I could eat and then go to sleep while waiting to be fully dilated. She checked me and said that I could eat after delivery. So I asked lah when I could deliver. And so…

Nurse: You can eat after you deliver.

Me: When can I deliver? *thinking how long more seh I need to wait since I was only 3cm slightly over an hour ago only. I was really darn hungry seh.*

Nurse: You can start pushing already.

Me: Like now? You mean I am already 10cm dilated?

Nurse: Yes, you are!

I looked at the husband and his expression totally changed – like as if he had so many thoughts running to his mind kind. Meanwhile, I was all ready to push! 😂😂 So the nurse asked me to start pushing to get me into the momentum while waiting for Dr Heng to come. Kept telling me push with all my might and hold the push (aka holding my breath in a way) for as long as I can. I was so annoyed eh because I can’t hold my breath for thattt long. Soon after, Dr Heng came and it got intense in the sense that they kept telling me “a bit more” over and over again. She had to use the vacuum during the last 2 pushes while 2 nurses also help to push down my tummy to help her come out. Annnd all of this while I can’t feel anything down below – no pain, no feeling, nothing! I was hoping that I was pushing correctly throughout the entire time eh. Then then then, Dr Heng told me that the baby is out (yeah, I didn’t even feel her coming out lor! 😂). She pulled the baby out from below and the first thing I saw was huge wide open eyes looking at me! She wasn’t crying but was alert! The nurse took her to the open incubator to get her to start crying and veryyyy soon after, she cried loudly and the nurse put her on me!

So after 26 mins of pushing, she was out at 3.26pm on 5th August 2017 with birth weight of 2.359kg and I have my very own daughter named Sarah Nur Leia! Alhamdulillah for this precious princess of ours! 😍😍


You can read my milestones here: All About Sarah Nur Leia


Hello Yupi! Yes, that’s what the husband decided to call our little fetus – Yupi. You’re exactly 26 weeks old (that’s 6.5 months) now and looking strong. Hopefully, you will remain strong and grow healthily over the next 2-3 months.

I still can’t believe I am at where I am now. I mean, I’ve always said that I wanna try for a baby immediately after getting married and not wait – let nature takes its course. And nature did take its course – almost too soon. I was not too shock as we were on our honeymoon at my most fertile period. But I did have my reservations and not put too high hopes because God is all Planners, not us.

How I Found Out

A few days after we got back from my honeymoon, I experienced this excruciating lower back/joint pain – one I’ve never felt ever before. It suddenly started after lunch at work, very mild pain initially. It hurts with every turn & bend I made, but still bearable. It got worse that night to the point that I even needed help to turn around or sit up in bed. It continued hurting so damn much the day after – can’t even bend down or sit. Standing while doing my job was the only solution at that point. That pain slowly subsided 2 days later to just a very very mild lower back ache. At this point, my period was due about a week later. I also experienced some breast tenderness which is the only symptom I have before my period begins so at that point of time, it could be either way.

I tested that Sunday itself but obviously it was negative as it’s still way early. I waited till a day before I normally got my period to test again – this time, with my morning pee (3am to be exact – when I woke up in the middle of the night wanting to pee) and saw a faint line. Like all forums I’ve read, a faint positive is still a positive.

Upon reaching work, I told my colleague to draw my blood to we could do a blood HCG test. Got the results about an hour later, after I woke up from my lunch nap. Results – Not pregnant. I had a look again at the result paper about 30 mins later when I was much more awake (because I kinda don’t believe my results) and realised that HEY I READ THE RESULTS WRONGLY! MY HCG LEVEL WAS AT 103.2 miU/ml!

Initially, when I first read the results, my eyes immediately went to the “Not pregnant/menopausal: less than 5 miU/ml” instead of my actual results. So people, never try to read your results after you wake up from a nap or sleep.

And so over the next few days, I kept doing the urine test because I don’t believe I’m pregnant yet. So by doing this, it gave me assurance lah in a way.

Yup, so that’s how I found out I am pregnant! Revealed to our families a few days after because the husband was so eager, despite it being in the early stages.

We’re married!

Yay yay sudah kahwin! Loving my nikah outfit! Can reuse back – just need to make a different kain without the trail.

Photoshoot at Gardens by the Bay right after our nikah!

My first outfit for the sanding – in white!

My second outfit for the sanding – in red!

Thank you to my family members who made it all happen! 😘

And thank you too to his band of brothers and their wives who were part of our big day!

Our Solemnization highlights!

Final few days

Tent’s up. In-house dais almost completed – left the fresh flowers arrangement. Henna tonight. This is getting real.

Lounging on my bed now at 6.42am for the last time as a single lady. The next time I’m sleeping here, it’ll be married and with a big body sleeping right next to me! 😱 I’ll be sleeping over at my aunt’s from tonight onwards as my majlis is gonna be held there.

Prepped myself too – hair done at Karva (grey/purple/pink hair yo!), a treat by my cousin for the massage promo at Spa-B-y No-rfas-arie (which I don’t totally recommend at all), manicure & pedicure session to get nice and clean hands and feet (Groupon aje lah cukup! $18 with scrub ok what! 🤗) and lastly, sugared myself because I don’t have more money to spare to go to a professional except this time, I bought the paste from Carousell for $11 instead of making myself because it’s difficult to get the right consistency every time I make it. If you’re wondering how I tahan, well, I just did! My pain score even when a professional do is 10/10 damn pain so if I can do it myself, so can you babeh!.

The next update will prolly be in 🇨🇭! Itinerary was finally completed last week after months of procrastination. Whatever that can be paid for online via credit card, is paid for just so I don’t have to fork out much cash onsite. We’re going backpacking style! Although I gotta bring 1 cabin-size baggage because I can’t fit our food supplies in my bagpack/backpack. That baggage will later be used to carry our chocolate souveniers!

So that’s 2 more nights, let’s do it! ❤️

65 days!

Fuuuuh! Dengan cepatnya, lagi 65 hari! Yay yay!
Considering it’s 2 months away to the big day, I went from gear 2 to gear 4 for my wedding preps after putting it on hold for like ever.

I’ve emailed all the vendors that I’m liaising with – bridal, decor, mini dais decor, henna services, videographer and apek ice cream – and they’ve all replied me so that’s a good sign altho Ri.bbons.& did take a while to reply me (more than a month! Yikes! 😱) until I have to post on her IG pics. But yeah, that’s it for me. My parents are settling the rest!

The past few weeks, I’ve:

  1. Went to JB to get my baju nikah done (my aunt’s tailor at Jalan Tun Abdul Razak who is experienced with baju nikahs). Got to know that my kain is same with one of the BTBs, different colour tho. Her tailor might’ve bought it at the same Arab Street shop as me. 😂
  2. Collected my invitation cards from Marina Card Designs at Angsana. My parents anyhow just go and do the booking and told me to just liaise with Zetty via email. After they told me, I quickly googled to find reviews and there were quite a handful of bad reviews so I was kinda scared, but Alhamdulillah, all went fine. The cards were ready in less than 2 weeks! It was fast prolly because I just emailed them the designs and setakat print aje on their side.
  3. Did my directional signage and dulang tags. Left to print!
  4. Finally bought his barang dulang online. We realised on Monday that, shucksie, we haven’t bought them. So that Monday itself, both of us just online shopped as we are so malas to go out and walk around. Went Zalora, ordered and chop chop the items are safely in my hands (and his hands for my things) within 2 days (yes, that fast!) hahhaha. And both of us are definitely happy with our items!

However, one of the most important thing still haven’t do – register for my ROMM! Can you believe it!? The fiance keeps dragging it just because his dad is gonna be our kadi. Orang lain semua dah pergi interview kat ROMM and such eh. But he promised he is gonna get it done today. He better!!

One more left pending for the wedding is the 2nd day wedding itinerary. I need to sync and plan it out properly with the other couple to make sure it doesn’t clash at his side. One thing for sure is that it’s gonna be kecoh when it’s time to change to our 2nd outfit – but I guess us girls will change in 1 room and the two brothers can change in another room, right? To look at it positively, at least it will add to the “fun”! 🙂

And another left pending is my itinerary for Switzerland! Half-way done only and this fiance of mine is leaving all the planning up to me. Bagus lah jugak kan since I like to plan.

Whatever it is, I don’t wanna rush and wanna be totally zen on the week of my wedding, apart for the fitting and the henna night!

Last 2 mths, yay!

Status Quo

So in the past month….

  1. I finally switched to a new job in the private sector. FINALLY! Although, I truly miss my former colleagues! Got these gifts from them!
    Kate Spade Gifts
  2. Got myself a bike.
  3. Gotten a part-time job that gives good money per hour! Need the extra income, for sure.

  4. Driving up to JB every weekend for the fiancé to top-up fuel. And well, at the same time, make use of the opportunity to indulge in good nice food and watch movies too. I mean who doesn’t wanna pay S$6 for a weekend movie and about S$12/pax for nice food, right?
  5. Selected my bridal outfit from Versari! 3 outfits selected. Momster decided that she wanna make my nikah outfit, so that leaves 1 outfit for photoshoot after the nikah and 2 songket outfits for sanding. The last outfit was supposed to be a gown but unsatisfactory comments from some family members requested for a more “melayu” outfit so the second full songket outfit was selected in place of the gown. At least the 1st songket outfit is the modern twist on it so it’s not exactly the same.

    Versari outfits

  6. Have 2 new baby bunnies to care for, which are adorable cute, I must say. At this moment, I have yet to decide to put them up for adoption or keep them (I would have 5 bunnies if I keep these babies!)

    Bunny babies

  7. BTO is progressing really fast, currently building the highest floor – my floor! Word has it that key collection would start next year instead of the listed 2nd quarter of 2018. But whatever goes. If it’s meant to be ready by next year, it shall be.

All in all, life is just rolling as always, constantly moving. Some things happened the way I wanted it too, and some does not. It’s all in the books, whatever it may be.